Teachings on Overcoming Obstacles

Would you like to have more power in overcoming obstacles? Are you looking to increase your inner peace and minds of love and compassion?  These are valuable personal goals and yet at times we can feel far from reaching them.  We may also look at the world around us and feel hopeless and discouraged.

This is when we need to turn to our spiritual power.  In Buddhist practice, Buddha Vajrapani represents the spiritual power we all have potential to develop.  Although his nature is love, his aspect is fierce to emphasize his ability to empower us to abandon our delusions and negativity. Delusions – our uncontrolled, harmful thoughts – are our real enemies, and are called ‘inner obstructing demons’. Buddha Vajrapani can help us pacify all obstacles, including delusions, through the force of spontaneous great bliss. 

Buddha Vajrapani also stamps upon disease and sickness, our own and others’. As part of the teachings, Kadam Morten will explain an incredible and effective healing practice based upon Buddha Vajrapani that Venerable Geshe Kelsang taught many decades ago at Madhyamaka Centre.

At this year’s Mid-Atlantic Dharma Celebration, we will receive the Blessing Empowerment of Buddha Vajrapani. The empowerment is a blissful guided meditation through which we connect to Buddha Vajrapani’s enlightened mind. By receiving the empowerment of Buddha Vajrapani we will be able to engage in a special Tantric practice that will awaken our own spiritual power.  Tantric teachings give us a clear and beautiful vision of who we can be in the practice known as ‘correct imagination.’   By receiving these inspiring blessings we can swiftly actualize our own potential for a fearless heart and overcome our obstacles.  With our own spiritual transformation the power of our compassion will increase and we will be able to bring enormous relief to our suffering world.  

Everyone is welcome!